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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 15 June – 28 June

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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 15 June – 28 June

From our desks to your screen, here is the week that was for the HRINZ Office Team.

Hello there HRINZers, I know it’s been a while! As I write this a lovely, crisp Wellington day is coming to a close and with all the wild weather recently I hope that, wherever you may be across the country, you’re toasty warm and sheltered from winter’s wrath.

There has been a couple of big events for the HOT team over the past couple of weeks, the first being the third and final NZ HR Summit which took place last Thursday. It was a great event so I thought I’d provide you with a short recap of this one-day conference.

Here at HRINZ we work hard to provide value to all members, regardless of location, and for a change, this year we decided to take a NZ HR Summit to Tauranga. It’s always a bit of a risk running an event in a new location, but our members in the Bay were very keen to make this a success…and it was!

The HRINZ team arrived just before 7am to the vast (and very closed) ASB Arena to prepare for the day. On our return from a quick trip to a local coffee shop for a caffeine boost (thanks for the recommendation Angie!) we were able to enter the venue and get everything prepared for the arrival of the delegates!

It was an interesting conference facility, seemingly suspended over rows and rows of sports courts. However, we weren’t there to shoot hoops, we were there for HR!

After a welcome from Chris Till and a brief address by our Principal Sponsor, ELMO Talent Management Software, we were ready for our first speaker, Frank Harkin of Human Synergistics. This was the only session that featured on the programme of all three Summits and it provided brilliant insight into the concept of VUCA. After an introductory exercise that replicated some of the conditions of VUCA (it was interesting watching how each group of delegates behaved differently), the room discussed elements of VUCA situations in relation to the FIFA scandal. Frank then provided delegates with some tools to use that could be helpful when they find themselves and their organisations facing a VUCA situation.

We then moved on to Annette Ryan, who quickly had the audience fully absorbed in her entertaining presentation on disruption in the workplace. Annette had delegates perform a number of tasks that replicated the kind of disruption we face in on a day to day basis while going about our jobs, and shared some fascinating insights into the effects of disruption on individuals and on organisations. Annette advised that nowadays we should be training people in this area and arming them with tools to help them avoid or resist disruption. I found it fascinating to learn that self interruptions account for 44% of all interruptions!

Following Annette was Rita Nabney, who gave an overview of managing poor performance and misconduct in today’s world and took us through to our lunch break.

Wade Jackson, Improv Warrior, was tasked with tackling the post lunch break session, and I don’t think any one could have handled it better! He brought his unique combination of play and learning to the party and had the room buzzing with energy in no time.

Dr Lesley Petersen then took the reins and guided delegates through various exercises where they discussed, what qualities and values were important in a mentor, and how mentoring can be integrated as a strategy to support the leadership of change and to identify fundamental behaviours and skills within the workplace.

A refreshing afternoon tea break brought us to the final two speakers of the day, Roger Lewis and Jennifer De Wald Harrison.

Roger spoke on attention management and the power of authentic purpose, a topic for which his passion shone through clearly. Roger entertained and inspired the audience with stories from organisations across the world who had brought themselves back from the brink of failure by discovering and staying true to their authentic purpose. Roger will be presenting a pre conference workshop in August this year, and I promise it’s one that you’ll want to be at!

Finally Jennifer rounded the day off with a highly relevant and practical look at immigration strategies. We had identified this as an important topic for the Bay of Plenty and there were a number of questions following Jennifer’s presentation that suggested that this was indeed the case.

The day was rounded off with further discussions over some drinks and nibbles before delegates headed off and the HRINZ crew headed back to Wellington.

With that the trio of 2015 NZ HR Summits are complete. Thanks Christchurch, Auckland and Tauranga for sharing these with us and thank you to all our event sponsors! I wonder where we’ll take the Summits to next year?

So that was last week’s event, this week saw the AGM and Members’ Forum take place in Wellington and although we received a lower turnout than expected, both events ran very well. The whole evening was free for members to attend and included a brilliant presentation by the excellent Dr Paul Wood. Those of you who attended the NZ HR Conference last year will know how insightful and engaging Paul is. He spoke to the audience on change when change is hard, and addressed the topic from both an organisational and personal perspective. Paul discussed how our brains aren’t hard wired to see change as something positive, and highlighted the key ingredients needed to implement change successfully,whether trying to change ourselves or encourage a change in others.

I’m sure we all would have happily listened to Paul for another hour, however it was then time to move on to the Members’ Forum. This year the Forum was facilitated by Associate Fellow, Leeanne Carson-Hughes, and gave members the opportunity to provide input into the strategic direction and operation of HRINZ. The small but dedicated group discussed their ideas in teams before reporting back and sharing their visions for the future of HRINZ. It was great to hear what members wanted for their Institute, and the responses have been captured so that the Board may consider them when developing their next strategic plan. We’d love to see more members at this event next year so don’t be shy – join us and have a say!

So that’s a quick recap of the two big events for us over the past couple of weeks, and alongside that we also managed to fit in all the business as usual (whatever that means nowadays!). Next up on the agenda is, of course, the NZ HR Conference and Expo and preparations are full steam ahead for the event in August. Registration numbers are tracking extremely well thus far and we are all very excited to have so many of you joining us. If you haven’t secured your spot yet that’s no problem, but I suggest you get onto it before the fantastic early bird price of $930 + GST expires on 16 July! Go on…you know you want to!

Finally, before I sign off for the week ,I’d like to welcome Brenda and Michelle back to the office after their well deserved break. Chris managed to make it through without his PA and Ops Manager for five weeks, but it’s certainly great to have the whole team together again!

Enjoy your weekend HRINZers.

Until next time,