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Trying to Motivate Your Employees? Play Outdoors!

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Trying to Motivate Your Employees? Play Outdoors!

The job of a manager is a really complex one because it requires wide knowledge and skills from different areas. When it comes to employees, the most important aspect to be acknowledged by managers is that they are an important asset for the company. Making sure you attract the best ones for your team and keep them on board are among most common concerns encountered in management. How do you manage to motivate your employees? Some say that outdoor activities are the best option when you want to use relaxing methods to keep them together and willing to collaborate for the proper evolution of your company. Let’s see why and how you should do this.

 Play Outdoors for Proven Motivation Results

Getting out of the office from time to time is a good option for managers both with the purpose of achieving personal relaxation and for motivating the employees. You can organize all sorts of indoor activities at work every day but when you want something special with better results, the outdoor environment is the perfect option.

Why is that? Because you can organize many more activities out of the office rather than indoors and everyone will feel more relaxed and willing to communicate and share far away from the workplace. Especially when it is hot outside and all your employees could think of is getting out that door. Why not make their dream possible yet offer yourself the chance to motivate them for better performance afterwards?

Take It One Step Further

Engaging employees in your business plans is much easier in a relaxed atmosphere because they will feel appreciated and comfortable enough to take one step further in your collaboration by making important decisions. A short coffee shop trip with your employees can be a good option when you simply want to express appreciation for their good work and offer them information about your next business plan. You can do this even on a rainy day when all of them seem too bored to get anything done well. It will be much more advantageous for you to offer them and yourself a two-hour break that will help you all get back to work feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world.

Special Fridays

We all know that Friday is not the most productive day at work. Why is that? Because we have that weekend feeling that seems to be stronger than motivation. Why not take advantage of this special day to organize outdoor activities with the team thus help gain new levels of motivation at work? Let them know about your plans for next Friday and they will be enthusiastic about this all week. Seeing that your manager cares enough to organize something nice for the team is already a strong motivational step. Making sure they share feelings and thoughts with you and the other members of the team that day is the next step to take. This will help them work together well afterwards and be more focused on what they have to do. Feeling appreciated means increased levels of performance for employees. Who would like to give up a job where they work with a great team and have the best managers taking care of their needs?

Company Picnics

Have you tried all of the above suggestions already and need some new idea to try out? Here it is: a company picnic. Yes, you have read well. You can organize a fun picnic today with your employees. It is easy to organize and will not take you too far from the office which means that you will even be able to get back to work afterwards. Get everything ready for the picnic and do not forget the main characters, your employees. You do this for them, to help raise their motivation and help them relax and recharge batteries for new achievements at work.

Outdoor activities are the best means of improving motivation among employees at work. We all need a day out and away from work routine. Engaging in pleasant activities with colleagues is definitely the type of fun everyone wants to have. Getting to know more about the company’s goals and the people working with you can only bring positive results.

By Alfred Stallion