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Paige Kaye – Wellington Branch Student Ambassador

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Paige Kaye  – Wellington Branch Student Ambassador

My busy and engaging year being a student ambassador for HRINZ has sped by. In this time I have had the freedom to hold events I thought would benefit HR students, been introduced to people who have contributed so much to the HR industry, and had the chance to be a part of a wider discussion of the future of HR.

I have been lucky enough to have the full support of last year’s student ambassador, Harriet Riley, during my ambassadorship. This enabled me to pilot the mentoring programme I envisioned at the start of the year, which I could not have done without the support of both Harriet and our event speaker, Tina Nation. I hope that the work we put in, in 2016, will be built on in 2017 by the new ambassador, as I feel the programme has real potential to add value to the student membership. I do wish I had had more time in 2016 to dedicate to the ambassadorship as there is so much more than I wanted to achieve. I look forward to seeing how the next ambassador makes the position their own, but not before I hold one last bittersweet event to introduce 2017’s HR students to HRINZ.

I have been particularly fortunate in that my first job in HR can be credited to my ambassadorship. I was lucky enough to be approached at a HRINZ event to interview for an internship with local recruitment company, Forté Recruitment. This was last May, and now in January 2017 I am saying a heartfelt goodbye to my colleagues as I move into a new organisation for my next role as a graduate.

After completing a major in HR I’m often confronted with the question of ‘what does the future of HR look like?”. I do not believe that I could do justice to explaining the changing nature of the HR industry within a single article. However, a constant theme throughout my studies and work within the HR space is the impact of automation on entry level positions, particularly relevant for graduates.  A perspective I find encouraging on this is that HR professionals can now spend more time on the people practices of their organisation, which is what drew me to study HR in the first instance.  With more time being allocated to focussing on the development and retention of employees, this seems to be a positive outcome for HR is the workplace.

As a final note, I am thankful to all those students that have attended events and professionals who have taken time to speak at the events I have organised (some of which were not HRINZ related but they dedicated their time to come anyway). This opportunity has really shown me how little I know, but made me more enthusiastic to learn.