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My Student Ambassador Year in review: Danielle Hunt (Auckland)

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My Student Ambassador Year in review: Danielle Hunt (Auckland)

Danielle Hunt – Auckland Branch Student Ambassador


HRINZ is an excellent company that I was fortunate enough to be the ambassador of, for the Auckland Branch, representing Massey University in 2016. HRINZ is an organisation that represents 3000+ people with HR interests, and represents 45% of the HR population in New Zealand.

When finishing my first year of University, I realised that I would have to start gaining some further knowledge outside of the classroom and really start gaining some experience, which the HRINZ ambassador programme helped me achieve. Due to the massive role they play in HR throughout New Zealand, I found this experience challenging, yet very rewarding.

My main role was to promote HRINZ throughout Massey University whilst networking and attending meetings and conferences. It helped me tremendously with people skills, public speaking, creativity, and opened up the door to connect with others and hear how others have gained their experience in HR since University. Examples of these developing skills being practiced through the ambassador programme are the public speaking to lectures that took place, and it was very exciting seeing how many people were interested in HR throughout my University, with numerous people emailing me after lectures wanting to further look into HRINZ and the ambassador programme. This challenged my public speaking skills, but was an amazing experience to be able to know I achieved what I did!

The regular branch committee meetings and the HRINZ NZ HR Conference and Expo, give the ambassadors the opportunity to connect with people they wouldn’t have if they did not engage in this amazing programme. Overall, it was very rewarding and helped me put the skills I am learning in University into practice giving me a taste of what HR is like in the real world.

I believe HR is a very important aspect in the working world, as people are becoming more diverse and globalisation increasing. With the world becoming a much more large scale place the interests of people are becoming much more important, and will continue to grow in importance as the world modifies. I have always been a people person with my bubbly attitude, I love working with people and using people solving skills, to understand the needs and wants of others around me. It has been hard for me as a University student to gain some real life exposure in HR and this opportunity gave me a real positive insight, especially through the HRINZ branch committee meetings, and it has made me very excited for my future HR career. I hope to gain some further experience through a possible internship, and long term, I would love to be the HR manager of a company.  After University I am hoping to gain some entry level HR experience, in which I can take the knowledge from the ambassador programme with me, to be able to excel in HR.

Looking back throughout my year with the programme, I strongly regret not being able to attend the HRINZ NZ HR Conference & Expo in Wellington and attend every monthly meeting with the Auckland Branch Committee, due to my other working commitments.

My advice to the next ambassador/s would be to truly make the most of this experience, because it is an amazing one, and don’t hold back. It is an amazing and fun programme that I urge other students throughout Universities to apply for.