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Investing in your professional growth!

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Investing in your professional growth!

Like many people I’ve had other careers and jobs before deciding that HR was the profession of my choice. My career pathway provided a stairway of skills and experiences giving me insights to my strengths and motivated me towards a career, where I could make a positive impact on people and culture.
As an Executive Director for People and Culture, I’m now leading a team of HR professionals and value the chartered membership to guide me in developing my team with the right skills and experiences. I encourage my team members to have a growth mindset and to be forward thinking, always working towards growing their professional self.
Knowing that a person is a HRINZ chartered member gives me confidence that they have meet a global standard of professional knowledge and experience and are skilled to help shape the future workforce, to be fit for purpose and ready for a new world of work.
Globally work is in a state of disruption, the pace of technology change, automation and artificial intelligence are challenging working environments to operate in chaos, uncertainty and continual change. Diversity of workforce teams are increasing with x-generational, multi-cultural and mobility being the forefront. Even the nature of employment relationships are changing with the increase of flexible working arrangements and people’s desire to work within a gig economy. People have different levels of change readiness and its anticipated that individuals and teams will be required to either change occupations or acquire new skills.
As an HR professional you need to be agile and able to navigate through paradox’s whilst building a credible reputation. You need to have emotional resilience and intelligence, your own emotional insights are imperative to coach managers and or colleagues through difficult and bold conversations whilst keeping yourself neutral.
The chartered membership requires a high standard of evidential experiences to be provided and is assessed by a credible panel of HR professionals. This robust assessment process tells me that the person has a level of capability and confidence and that they are serious about their career by putting their effort and energy, aspiring to become mastery within their profession.
Recruiting chartered members and motivating members of my team to become chartered members helps me to build a credible HR team to serve our business and employees needs. It provides me with confidence that an individual can work independently and within a business partnership model demonstrating behaviours to a standard of ethics.
The collection of membership capabilities, says that a chartered member is skilled and able to provide value through strategic and thought leadership approaches, that they are passionate about improving business performance and employee experiences for a common vision.
I encourage anyone who is serious about their HR career as a generalist or a specialist to apply for their chartered membership. Become a differentiator, take the time to invest in yourself by reflecting on your skills and experiences and be a part of a professional community that are dedicated in making a positive impact within the HR profession.

Written by Katrina Van de Ven, CMHRINZ Executive Director People and Culture