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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 27 April – 3 May

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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 27 April – 3 May

From our desks to your screen, here is the week that was for the HRINZ Office Team.

After a short week, we find ourselves at Friday afternoon once more and it’s not a bad place to be! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend last weekend. I have to admit that (whilst apparently causing some confusion for employers) the Mondayisation of ANZAC Day was greatly appreciated, particularly after a 4.30am start for the dawn service on Saturday. However, I think the early hour was well worth it for the chance to pay respect to those who gave so much for our country and it seems many others agree with me, judging by the thousands that turned out to services across the country.

There have been many events to mark ANZAC100, and you may have seen on the news (or in real life) the parade that took place in Wellington last Friday. Now the HRINZ office balcony is prime parade viewing real estate, the best seat in the house, so we decided to open our doors and share it with Professional Members based in Wellington. Despite the old bus breaking down at the end of Willis Street, it was a great parade and fantastic to see so many people out to watch it on a lovely Wellington afternoon. HOT may have got carried away with the ANZAC biscuit baking though and rather over-catered for our small crowd. Of course, no one was really complaining about having leftover cookies to snack on this week…

With so many national events approaching over the next few months, a number of us in the office have been kept very busy in preparation for these. Getting the Conference website up and running has been a big focus this week and it’s certainly a big job. There are so many different components that need to come together from so many different people which means that sometimes we do feel a little like we’re herding cats! Nevertheless, we will get there soon, and it will be worth it when you all see the exciting event we have planned.

Speaking of exciting, did anyone else see HRINZ CE, Chris Till, on TV One’s late night news last week? It’s unfortunately no longer available on the TVNZ website, but it was great to see Chris called upon by national media and to see the interview airing with the HRINZ banner standing proudly in the background!

Elsewhere about the office, the Finance Team and Membership Team are finishing off the membership billing process, and even set up a working bee this morning to get all the outstanding invoices printed, stuffed in envelopes and sent out. If you haven’t yet paid your subscription for the 2015/16 year then this is your last chance!

Seeing as it’s that time of year, we have also had the auditors in the office this week, camping out in our small meeting room. This has certainly made space tight on occasion, and to cap it all off, we have the Board in today which makes for a very full house! On that note, thank you to all who took the time to vote in the recent Board election, announcements will be made in due course.

There’s not really a lot else to share with you all today, so I’ll leave it there for this week. Have a great weekend HRINZers, whatever you may have planned, and I’ll be back next Friday.

Until then,