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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 18 May – 31 May

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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 18 May – 31 May

From our desks to your screen, here is the week that was for the HRINZ Office Team.

Well, it’s certainly been a long while since my last recap so sorry about that HRINZers. Sometimes work gets in the way of…well, work!

We have been very busy here at HRINZ over the past few weeks and there’s certainly plenty to report! Before I get on to this week, I’d like to travel back and share with you all a brief recap of the first NZ HR Summit of the year in Christchurch.

On a lovely, crisp morning roughly 50 HR practitioners from all across the South Island descended on the Rydges Latimer Square for a day of learning, collaboration and inspiration.

The programme kicked off with local hero, Sam Johnson, who engaged the delegates with his infectious energy, and shared some truly inspirational stories and valuable learnings from his experiences in Christchurch, Japan, Vanuatu and, most recently, Nepal.

Sam Johnson

From there we moved on to a session about ‘Breaking the Bad’ of workplace bullying. Bevan Catley and Darryl Forsyth shared some fascinating insights from their research as part of the Massey University Healthy Work Group while Denise Hartley-Wilkins provided a link back through to the practitioner perspective. Tables worked together to determine a course of action for several different bullying scenarios and there was a real sense of just how important and large this issue is. The message was the NZ could do much, much better.

Next up, Darren Levy and Frank Harkin of Human Synergistics had everyone puzzled with an intriguing introduction to their session on rethinking VUCA. However I’m not going to go into further detail about that one here as I don’t want to give the game away for Auckland and Tauranga who have their Summits coming up next month.


After a delicious lunch at Bloody Mary’s restaurant, it was back upstairs for what presenter Roger Lewis referred to as ‘the graveyard session’, where, after a good feed, everyone’s energy is used to digest their lunch rather than to focus on the task at hand. It was fitting that Roger was actually presenting on attention management, and I can confirm he had no trouble at all capturing that of the audience. Some of the ‘pithy maxims’ that Roger shared were a real highlight, but what really stayed with me was the notion that what pay attention to becomes our reality, and that therefore we should be very careful in selecting what we choose to focus on. It of course makes complete sense, but it’s not something that you often stop to think about during the course of day to day life. I also particularly liked the following quote from Thomas Edison:


Roger was followed by two brief sessions, one on practical immigration tips from Karen Justice of EY, and one on the impact of technology in the workplace from a legal perspective, presented by Adam Gallagher of Duncan Cotterill. Both gave great insights and no doubt gave delegates some thinking to do.

That led us to our final speaker of the day, and the only thing standing between delegates and their Friday night drink, Callum McKirdy. Callum presented some really challenging ideas and concepts as he asked ‘Disruption or Distraction? Where is HR Heading?’ In the process of getting delegates to consider the above question, Callum also managed to coin the term ‘resexification’ as in he predicted the ‘resexification of the HR analyst’. I’m sure Callum won’t mind if anyone wants to use his new term, the analyst in your team may be well chuffed!

So that brought us to the end of the official part of the day, all that was left was for delegates to grab a drink and a bite to eat and get on with some more networking! All in all, it was a fantastic day with the brilliant, positive energy in the room. So while Christchurch may be over for 2015, Auckland and Tauranga still have a Summit to look forward to, so do try and get along to one of those if at all possible. You won’t regret it!

Although we’re in the midst of the NZ HR Summits, the team here were also very excited to finally launch the NZ HR Conference and Expo this week! It feels great to get this off the ground as we’ve been putting in a lot of hours on this behind the scenes. Please go and check out the website for the full programme and details on each speaker and session. I think one of the best things about the Conference this year, aside from the quality speakers, is that the member early bird price is just $930 + GST. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve tried so hard to make it an affordable professional development opportunity. We hope that this pricing makes the Conference more accessible for many of you. Spread the word!

Despite plenty of other things going on in the office this week, it’s been a sizeable Weekly Wrap-up, so it’s probably about time I…wrapped it up.

Have a wonderful long weekend HRINZers, make the most of it because you know it’s a looong stretch to Labour Day in October.

Until next time


P.S. If you haven’t yet paid your membership fees for 2015/16, please do so this weekend to avoid cancellation!