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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 13 April – 19 April

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HRINZ Weekly Wrap-up 13 April – 19 April

From our desks to your screen, here is the week that was for the HRINZ Office Team.

Well, winter certainly announced its arrival this week, didn’t it? I’m sure its sudden appearance left many scrambling for their winter coats, boots, hot water bottles, or anything to keep warm in these chilly temperatures! As I write this, I’m pleased to be cocooned inside our nice, warm office rather than battling the icy wind buffeting the poor trees outside my window.

Nevertheless, while we may want to spend the day under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate in hand, rain or shine, the show must go on. So here’s what the HRINZ Office Team has been up to this week…

Every year HRINZ supports Lawson Williams Consulting Group in conducting a survey of staff turnover in mid to large sized organisations across New Zealand. This week the findings of the 2014 survey were released, and I am pleased to inform you that a copy of the summary report is now available to all HRINZ members on the HRINZ website. Copies of the full report are distributed only to those organisations that participated in the survey, so if you’d like to have a look at that, you’ll have to make sure you take part in the survey later this year.

Another thing we encourage all HRINZ members to take part in is the HRINZ Board Election process. Voting opened this week, and it’s your chance to have your say in who governs the Institute, so make sure you get in there and exercise your democratic right! Whilst the Office Team obviously aren’t involved in voting, many of us have been busy this week finishing off Board papers for the May meeting before Michelle has to bundle them all up and send them away to be printed. It’s a tight deadline sometimes when there is so much going on about the place!

This week also saw the first meeting of the new 2015/16 Branch President’s Advisory Group. I say meeting, but really it’s a teleconference for as much as we would like to, we can’t hold a face to face meeting every month! I would like to extend a warm welcome to our Branch Presidents for 2015/16. Some are new faces, and some are familiar, returning to their post for a second year. If you’d like to know more, look out for our ‘Meet the Branch Presidents’ feature in the latest issue of HumanResources, which hopefully most of you received this week.

Operations Manager, Brenda, did visit one of our Branch Presidents, Sharon Grant, this week when she headed up to the Manawatu on Thursday afternoon to deliver a Professional Membership workshop to the branch. With a number of these workshops happening this year, we can hopefully look forward to welcoming some new Professional Members in the near future.

Speaking of the future, we’ve already had one expression of interest for the 2016 NZ HR Awards (go for it!) and the Conference programme for next year is also coming together nicely. It’s great to working this far in advance, but I do find that I constantly have to remind myself what year we are actually in!

On that note, keep an eye on your inbox next week for some exciting announcements about the 2015 NZ HR Conference. I hope you have 27-28 August marked in your diary because you’ll want to be a part of this one!

So, that’s about us for this dreary April week. Have a great weekend everyone, stay warm, stay safe, stay dry and watch out for that term two school traffic back on the road Monday morning!

Until next week,