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2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador Reflections: Makarita Ngapine Tangitu-Joseph

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2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador Reflections: Makarita Ngapine Tangitu-Joseph

In this post Makarita Ngapine Tangitu-Joseph looks back on her time as the 2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador for the University of Waikato.

What did you get out of being a HRINZ Student Ambassador? I was able to meet and network with people which has enhanced my knowledge and taught me about the many roles and functions HR has to play within an organisation. I also learnt new information that will help me in my career and it has also given me ideas of what I can research for my Masters Thesis. I have also made new friends whom I will keep in contact with in the future.

What is your view on the future of HR? HR has many roles within an organisation, job analysis and design, workforce planning, training and development, recruitment and selection, performance management, remuneration and legal issues. In these roles I think that there is a focus on meeting organisational objectives with little emphasis placed on the individual employee and their individual desires and aspirations. As I think many organisations are starting to recognise the importance of building positive healthy relationships with their employees I believe that HR in the future will have an important role to play which will entail building relationships with all stakeholders involved in the organisation. Thereby realising what is meaningful to its employees and helping them achieve individual goals and reach their full potential. By utilising these relationships effectively I believe that organisation’s productivity will be driven by employee goals and aspirations, not organisational objectives. This will allow all stakeholders to feel that they are equally valued within their organisation which will have a positive impact on their motivation and in turn productivity within the organisation, working together to achieve not only their personal goals, but those of the organisation. By building positive relationships HR can create a space for healthy communication to occur which can have a positive impact on everyone involved.

What do you hope to achieve in the workforce? I am excited to enter the workforce as a registered organisational psychologist as I believe that there is more that can be done in the workplace environment to create a healthy positive environment where everyone feels valued and supported for their efforts. I hope to show how organisations can drive personal goals in order to reach organisational objectives and provide a framework for being able to create a happier healthier workplace environment for people who are from indigenous cultures.

Anything you wish you had done differently? I am grateful to HRINZ for giving me the opportunity to experience what being a student ambassador involves. I have enjoyed being a committee member on the Waikato Branch and have learnt a lot whilst on this journey. My favourite part of being an ambassador would have to be attending the 2015 NZ HR Conference where I was exposed to some great speakers, my favourite being Dr Louise Mahler, who spoke about “Vocal intelligence and the missing ingredient of leadership”. I wished I had been able to help the students at the University of Waikato find funding in order to help them attend our local monthly events as this seemed to be the main reason why they were unable to attend.