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2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador Reflections: Laura Featherstone

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2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador Reflections: Laura Featherstone

In this post Laura Featherstone looks back on her time as a 2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador at Victoria University.

I could not have asked for a better experience as a HRINZ Student Ambassador. This opportunity opened up doors to meet people in the HR industry and helped me learn more about the profession, outside of what we hear in lectures. The opportunity to do these two things interested me the most when deciding to apply for the Student Ambassador position, especially because it was my last year at university and the next year I was hoping to be working in the profession.

I’m excited to continue working in HR. I love the challenges I face everyday and applying my knowledge from university to the workplace. I also learn a lot more that isn’t taught in the classroom. Before I got my first position, I really appreciated the words of wisdom from everyone I met as Student Ambassador and I hope to be able to pass this on to others who are new to the workforce in the future.

The Student Ambassadorship offered me unique challenges that I had never faced before. While planning some of the events for HRINZ, I gained valuable organisation and leadership skills. Harriet, the other student ambassador from Victoria University, and myself had to organise speakers for our event, rooms and catering, be the MCs and promote the event to students at Victoria University. These leadership and organisation skills will be invaluable in the future and I wrote about these skills on my CV. Being the HRINZ Student Ambassador was instrumental to gaining my first position in HR.

I can’t wait to see what the future of HR is going to look like. The 2015 HRINZ NZ HR Conference opened up with an interesting speaker who discussed how things such as businesses, products and services from the past have changed and I’m interested to see how and if HR changes too. What will payroll look like in the future? What challenges will HR face with the development of new products and services? I hope I have the opportunity to be involved in these changes.

I wish I had planned more events and activities. I would have liked to have set something up that lasts and continues to increase student numbers and continues to expose HRINZ at the university and amongst HR students. I would encourage everyone to apply to be the HRINZ Student Ambassador; it is not to be missed.