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2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador Reflections: Ayla Tranter

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2015 HRINZ Student Ambassador Reflections: Ayla Tranter

In this post Ayla Tranter looks back on her time as the HRINZ Student Ambassador for the University of Canterbury.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities and experience that HRINZ offered me as the 2015 Canterbury Student Ambassador. I had the privilege of belonging to a dynamic committee that thrived under great leadership and was incredibly supportive. Throughout the year I was able to network with HR professionals from various disciplines, attend HRINZ events that broadened my thinking and develop the necessary skills that were involved in the leadership of HRINZ events. Participating in these activities developed my knowledge and skills within HR as well as my personal and professional skills. I enjoyed being a part of an association that promoted the involvement, competence and professional development of HR students. In my appointment as a student ambassador an aspect I found particularly rewarding was the support I was able to offer my fellow students who were in a similar situation in their journey of transitioning into HR workforce.

I am incredibly proud of my achievements as the Canterbury HRINZ Student Ambassador and grateful for the support and assistance of Emma Hanson – HRINZ Canterbury Branch Committee Tertiary Liaison, and the 2013 Student Ambassador, throughout the year. I delivered a number of presentations to students in lectures promoting HRINZ membership and various HRINZ events. Student events were also advertised through emails and the HRINZ student Facebook pages. Emma and I conducted a survey to determine what topics HR students were interested in. The results of the survey led us to organise a student based law event in association with the University of Canterbury. Employment Law Specialist, Sarah Townsend was kind enough to be a guest speaker at this event. Her presentation and case studies regarding essential employment law were practical and invaluable to students in the development of their professional knowledge. A second event was organised later in the year where a number of Canterbury Branch committee members and Amy Rooney from Randstad spoke to students about their particular specialised field within the HR industry. The presenters discussed various aspects of their job such as career progression, day-to-day activities and advice for HR graduates. This event received positive feedback from students who appreciated the laid-back approach and valuable advice.

Harriet Riley and Laura Featherstone, Wellington Branch Student Ambassadors, successfully continued the ‘Shadow Project’ that was initiated by 2014 Student Ambassador Natasha Sinclair-Taikato. This project gives existing student members the opportunity to ‘shadow’ an HR practitioner for a day. This allows the students to get a better understanding of what HR professionals do, and provides them an insight into the ‘real world’ of HR. In discussions with my fellow students nearing the end of 2015 this is an opportunity that they believed would be of great benefit to them, therefore I would encourage the 2016 Canterbury Student Ambassador to implement this project.

I am excited to be a part of the future of the HR industry as it continues to evolve to become a critical function and strategic partner to organisational leaders in making significant business decisions.

HR is set to earn their rightful ‘seat at the table’ through the successful navigation of current and looming HR challenges such as:

  • The retention of knowledge, talent and the management of cultural transformation in a global workforce that is ageing and becoming both gender and ethnically diverse
  • The transition of the organisation to become a ‘Learning Organisation’ as the HR function prepares employees to cope with the accelerated speed and complexities of a global economy
  • The management of work-life balance through measures such as flexible working arrangements as aspects including technology continue to blur the lines between private and work life

As we embark on some of these new horizons in the field of HR, I am excited to be a part of the innovative solutions and decisions that will be required.