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Editor’s top 5 posts: global HR

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Editor’s top 5 posts: global HR

In the global and technologically advanced world we live in, knowing how to deal with international HR issues – and what is expected of HR teams – is imperative.

And with so many potential employees, especially Kiwis, looking to work and travel, how companies harness that experience either at home or abroad can be a huge competitive advantage.

The blog posts below cover just some of the issues that arise when working on an international scale and also contain advice for HR professionals wanting to stay ahead of the times.

Employing women expatriates

By Nicole Le Maire on Human Resources Global

Expatriate workers are often thought of as “commercial glue” – they help pollinate ideas across countries and establish consistency of standards. But women looking to work and live in a foreign country often don’t get the same opportunities as men.

In her latest blog Nicole Le Maire looks at companies’ attitudes towards women expatriates, who are in fact increasing in number, as more women look to improve their international career prospects. International companies are also starting to realise that actively drawing these types of women into employment gives them a distinct competitive advantage.

Giving international mobility a home

By Andrew Chapman on PwC Switzerland Blog

Talent liquidity is becoming more important in this day and age, making it easy for people to go to the right role anywhere – either at home or overseas.

This is even more important for the new generation of workforce, according to Andrew Chapman, who he calls the millennials. These workers see overseas work as a right of passage both personally and professionally, even more so here in New Zealand because we are so far away from the rest of the world.

As a result, Andrew believes that international mobility is likely to become a necessary recruitment offering in the near future.

Managing international assignees during a crisis

By Warren Heaps for the International HR Forum

Exit strategies are important – whatever you’re doing. But what does a good crisis management plan involve for staff working overseas?

Do you know where all your assignees are? What about their families?

Although this blog post is a couple of months old, it carries some powerful information. With countries so easily thrown into chaos without warning – just look at Japan and Libya, or closer to home with the Christchurch earthquake – it makes having detailed exit strategies imperative. And as HR, that’s probably your role to co-ordinate the relevant people to have input.

Global salary grades or global salary structure

By Warren Heaps for the International HR Forum

Another blog post by Warren Heaps looks at the salary side of having a global workforce. First up, Warren clarifies commonly confused definitions when it comes to salary structures/grades/bands/groups….

How do you know you are setting the benchmark straight throughout the global organisation?

Navigating the barriers to global mobility

By Hector A. Chichoni on HR Hero

HR is essential to the strategic management of a globally mobile workforce. This blog post offers some of the most important variables and barriers HR need to know in order to have smooth global transfers.